“Our mission is to provide people around the world with affordable, safe, traceable and sustainable seafood that enriches their lives by tasting great and being healthy for them.”

Market Ready Convenience

Stewart’s Simply Fish provides fresh seafood options in convenient, ready to cook and consume servings.

All seafood is sourced with sustainable and environmentally friendly practice as a focus.

Premium Quality Seafood

Stewart’s Premium Seafood features quality fresh seafood in multiple serving options, ready for market and consumer alike.

All options are premium level from the initial high-quality sourcing, through to packaging and handling for market.

Ocean Fresh Seafood

Stewart’s Arctic Caught range delivers the freshest caught seafood from the pristine icy waters of the Arctic Ocean.

All catches are handled specifically to ensure the consumer receives a true Arctic fresh experience.


Arnarlax Bio-Salmon is 100% Natural Atlantic Salmon containing no  artificial ingredients. Sourced from Iceland’s unblemished environment, Arnarlax Bio-Salmon is completely free of hormones, chemicals, antibiotics or any artificial additives.

All Salmon is raised form an in house hatchery, with no genetic modification used in process.