Arnarlax Bio-Salmon

The small village of Bildudalur lies in the remote Westfjords portion of Iceland.  It is here that Kristian Matthiasson and his family started Arnarlax, a network of farms dedicated to producing salmon in the healthiest and most environmentally friendly way.

Arnarlax’s farming philosophy is to embrace and respect the most natural environment possible to nurture salmon, feeding them a nutritious diet of sustainably sourced ingredients.

Natural Environment Salmon Farming

By using the local people with local knowledge and expertise, Arnalax has helped Bildudalur grow and prosper.   The village itself is powered by renewable energy.

Arnarlax doesn’t use parasiticides, antibiotics or anti-foulants and their operations are inspected annually and are certified compliant to stringent international standards.

The deliciously firm, healthy fish are raised in low-density pens in pure deep Arctic waters (2% fish, 98% water), and are completely free of hormones, chemicals, antibiotics or any artificial additives.

The salmon is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 — and incomparable in flavor and texture, just what our customers deserve.